Genealogy Research "How To"

Genealogy Research

Genealogy research you are a student and this is your assignment.
You are a waitress teacher or doctor and you want to research your ancestry. Where do you start?

The tools you find in this website are here to give you the foundation you need in order to do your own research. Yes there are websites out there that offer to do the work for you. Believe me, it is more exciting for you to work on your own family history.

Genealogy Research Tools:

1. Family
2. Libraries
3. Public Records: City, County, and State
4. Cemeteries: Public, private and religious
5. Newspapers
6. National Archives
7. Internet
8. Handwriting

Come join me, and enjoy looking for your ancestors, who lived in other centuries, early 20th, 19th,
18th, and maybe 17th and beyond. It is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together except
it is more enjoyable, because the pieces that are coming together are about your
new found ancestors or a new piece of information about your great-grandparents. Oh the thrill of the find.

Unexpected resources:

There are unexpected sources where genealogy information maybe found. Read On.

Let me tell you about an incident that happened earlier this year. I was helping
a cousin by marriage get started on her family genealogy research. I was watching the old
television series "Ellery Queen". Ellery is looking at a book the deceased was reading
at the time of his death. "Dad", there must be a clue in this book," said Ellery.
Ellery continues studying the book, as Ellery is pointing to a page he says "that's it Dad",
Pudge Heffelfinger who, played guard for Yale Football Team in 1890.

Yes in searching further we learned that Pudge Heffelfinger was the first person
paid to play football in the AAA Athletics in 1892, he was paid $500.00. Mr. Heffelfinger
went on to become a well known football coach. Yes! Pudge's grandfather and my cousin's
great-great-great-grandfather were brothers.

You never know where you will find your ancestry information.

New Information:

Hi, I had the pleasure of connecting with a website that has information for how and where to research in England and Wales.
In the future I hope to bring more of these websites to you.
If you need to do family tree research check out this website:
Family Tree Resources.

Here is ScotlandsPeople website, another good website for you if you are researching your Scottish ancestors. I highly recomend this site.

1. Check our page: ScotlandsPeople
2. Check our page: 23andMe
3. Check our page:  GenesReunited 
4. Check our page:  findmypastie

So, come on the ride along the genealogy research pathway and have the time of your life.

Special Note: Statement from Archivist of the United States David S. Ferriero. Our Anchorage, Alaska branch is closing in 2014.  Philadelphia, PA has 2 branches. The Market Street branch will close in 2014. Fort Worth, Texas has 2 branches and the Montgomery Plaza facility will close in 2016.
Please go to our pages: Pacific Alaska; Philadelphia and Fort Worth for the story on each city.

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Special Note: This note was put here so that everyone can see it. A genealogy buddy sent me the following information on: Arlington National Cemetery. The soldiers went through Arlington and photoed every grave marker and they have added the database to their website. Go to the home page and you will have 3 choices to download for your mobil device. Apple App Store; Google Play-Android App and Blackberry App World. All 3 can be downloaded for free, go to:

Arlington National Cemetery.

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