1940 Federal Census Addendum

1940 Federal Census Addendum information is from a meeting of the local genealogical society. The guest speaker
was Jeanne Larzalere Bloom, certified genealogist. Ms Bloom also assisted Jason Sudeikis in his search on "Who Do
You Think You Are".

There are sixty-two questions on the 1940 Federal Census, some are all ready mention on our previous page.
The questions on this page are: Changes or New Questions; Supplementary Questions; Symbols and Explanatory Notes.

This 1940 Federal Census Addendum has given you two links
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Changes or New Questions

1. Enumeration Districts can have an A or B after the number located near the end of the Enumeration District.

2. The name of the census informant is noted for the first time.

3. If a person generally absent from the household it will also be noted.

4. Highest grade of school completed?

5. In What place did this person live on April 1, 1935?

6. Income.

Supplementary Questions

A. Notation to the left of the line number for two lines on each page.

B. Supplementary Questions for the two lines at the bottom of the page.

C. Questions

1. Place of birth of the person's father and mother.
2. Language spoken in earliest childhood home.
3. If the person was a veteran; if the person was a child whose father was a veteran;
did the veteran serve in a specific war or in peacetime military service?
4. For persons 14 years old or older, does the person have a Social Security number?
5. Were deductions for Federal Old Age Insurance or Railroad Retirement made in 1939?
6. Person's usual occupation, not just what they were doing the week of March 24-30, 1940.
7. For all women who are or have been married, has this woman been married more than once, age at first marriage, and number of children born?

Symbols and Explanatory Notes--Column Number and Heading; Codes Used; Code Meaning

A. Abridged Instructions to the Enumerator
B. Complete Instructions to the Enumerator
C. Occupation and Industry Classifications

Symbols and Explanatory Notes

Column 10 Color or Race:

W- White
Neg- Negro
In- Indian
Chi- Chinese
Jp- Japanese
Fil- Filipino
Hin- Hindu
Kor- Korean.

Col 11 Age at Last Birthday:<br>

11/12 April 1939
10/12 May 1939
9/12 June 1939
8/12 July 1939
7/12 August 1939
6/12 September 1939
5/12 October 1939
4/12 November 1939
3/12 December 1939
2/12 January 1940

1/12 February 1940

CoL 14 Highest Grade
of School Completed:

O None
1-8 Elementary School, 1st to 8th
H-1 to H-4 High School, 1st to 4th year
C-1 to C-4 College, 1st to 4th year C-5 College, 5th year

Column 16 Citizenship

Na-Naturalized of Foreign Born

Pa- Havings First Papers

A l- Alien

Am Ct-American Citizen born Abroad

Cols 30 & 47 Class of Worker:

PW- Wage/Salary Worker in Private Work

GW- Wage/Salary Worker in Gov't Work

E- Employer

OA- Working on Own Account

NP- Unpaid Family Worker

Column 41 War or Military Service

W-World War

S- Spanish American War, Philippine Insurrection or Boxer Rebellion

Sw- Spanish American War & World War

R- Regular Establishment or Peace Time Service

Ot- Other War or Expedition

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The information shown in the 1940 Federal Census Addendum will be a great help to you in your genealogy research.

I hope the length of this page for 1940 Federal Census Addendum does not stop you from checking the information contained herein.



Ms Bloom has given me permission to give you her contact information. She will do your family history for a fee.

Jeanne Larzalere Bloom, CG

Phone: 1-773-221-4545 Fax: 1-773-768-8034


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