Have an American FamilyHistory Wedding!

Have an American FamilyHistory Wedding, a marvelous opportunity for ancestry searching. The wedding reception is a great time for visiting, partying and researching.

Asking Permission

Of course you asked permission before the event to ask for information. The beautiful bride is a member of
your family and you have some work done on her line. Now, is the
time to ask questions and take pictures of her, her parents, and siblings in all their finery.

You have some of your work with you and you need to verify a few facts. Check with each one of your family groups. You may have to ask more than one person in order to be accurate
as possible.

Oops, don't forget the handsome groom and his relatives. Ask for
all birth, marriage and death information. Naturally you will take pictures of the groom's family and photos of both families

Relatives and New In-Laws

Talk to the parents of the bride & groom first. Next recheck or obtain new information from your aunts, uncles, cousins or
grandparents. Do the same for the party that is becoming your new in-law. It is possible you know or went to school with brothers,
sisters or cousins of your new in-law. You would like to include
them in your genealogy research.

Show your new relative(s) the work you have done on your lineage. They will be pleased you asked for the information on their ancestry and be cooperative. Just about everyone is proud of their heritage and likes to talk about it.

Family Group Sheets

Bring along those blank group sheets to hand out, especially if someone would prefer to fill out the sheet at
another time.

Gift Ideas

A special gift for the happy couple: Create a familyhistory tree, a pedigree chart, kinship report (showing how everyone is related to each other). How about a genealogy scrapbook, which includes photos, school articles, or other newspaper articles. Include any certificates, riboons or pictures of trophies that were earned.

Party and do your ancestry searching, best of all, enjoy this American FamilyHistory Wedding.

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