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Ancestor search cemeteries. The amount of ancestry information that can be found in cemeteries is bountiful.

You will come across small cemeteries and large cemeteries. Don't be surprised if you ask someone where to find the "Haynes Cemetery" and the person tells you this: Go a mile South turn left on route 10 go 1/2 mile turn left continue for 1/4 mile turn right and go up the lane to "Smith Farm". You are told you will have to get out and walk thru Mr. Smith's cornfield, because the cornfield surrounds the small cemetery. The directions are not what we were given but we made several trips to a small cemetery that was in a cornfield.

Several of my cousins ancestors were buried there and a couple of our mutual relatives were also buried there. Then again you might have to walk up a 45 degree angle hill to get to a cemetery. Yes, we did it many times at another cemetery. I got to the point when going down I just sat down and went down that way. Several years later my cousin informed me that they had improved the property. Cement stairs and a metal railing was put in place so you could walk up and down much easier.

While you are in your ancestor search cemetery, you will be able to take photos of tombstones and you will be writing off the personal information of your ancestor for your genealogy records. When you come across very old tombstones you may have to take a rubbing. Be sure to have chalk, pencils and paper with you.

Please remember to take all information with a grain of salt. I have seen death certificates stating one date of death and the tombstone maybe 1 or 2 days off. Take your camera with you. Take as many photos as you can, this will help with reading the inscription and any verses that appear on the old tombstones. I like to read all old tombstones. The inscriptions can be funny or they can be serious.

Also photograph the area that your tombstone is located, especially if you are in a very large ancestor search cemetery. You will be back again when a cousin or other relative tells you that your great-uncle Jacob is also buried in the same cemetery.

Be prepared with as much information as possible, have camera, chalk, pens, pencils and paper and a friend or relative along to help you spot tombstones etc. When you go cemetery hopping (as I call it) try to visit as many graves and cemeteries as you can. Again be prepared for the unexpected and I do not mean family search information.

Take protective gloves and a strong piece of wood or a metal pipe. Gloves in case you come across poison ivy or poison oak. The wood or pipe is for use in moving around any tall weeds you find in an unattended cemetery. Also this instrument is good for chasing off any and all unwanted rodents and snakes. Wear slacks and strong protective shoes.

Yes, when I remind you about having these objects at hand, I have been there at 2 different ancestor search cemeteries. The cemetery in the cornfield had poison ivy and my cousin and I were going to try and set up a thin narrow tombstone that had been knocked down by a heavy tree branch during a bad storm. Need I say we did not try it because we did not have any protection from poison ivy.

Also while we were researching in the State of Virginia, we came close to being bitten by copperhead snakes. We were lucky because the first day we visited the cemetery it was cold and drizzling, snakes are cold blooded and they went underground. The next day we went back and a man was on a riding mower cutting the grass. He also had additional equipment. He was waring a gun belt with a gun in it. He got off the mower and told us to only follow in his footsteps and he put gun in hand, because they had killed 17 copperheads and still had 2 roaming the cemetery. This was a well manicured cemetery.

Be prepared and beware!

As you continue your ancestor search you will come across small cemeteries, large cemeteries. You will come across Catholic Cemeteries. There will be Jewish Cemeteries. Were your ancestors of the Protestant Faith. Did an ancestor belong to a fraternal or social society. Yes these societies have their own cemeteries. Check out these pages:
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