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Ancestors Amish Cemetery, do not over look this place for your family search information. The Amish reside in many states in the United States. There is a group in Ontario, Canada.

The "Old Order Amish" communities that live in the State of Indiana speak with a Swiss German dialect. This group is ultra-conservative and have separated from the bigger body of the Amish Mennonites in the 1860s'. They practice the traditiional beliefs.

A few states where you can find these communities are: Pennyslvania, Ohio, Michigan and Kansas.

Ohio has the largest population of Amish people in the amount of 55,000. Pennyslvania is second with a 51,000 population. Indiana is third with a 38,000 population

The largest single community is in "Holmes County, Ohio. Next is Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, then Elkhart and La Grange Counties in Indiana.

I do know that "Holmes County, Ohio" Public Library has an index book of the Amish population in their area. This book was accidently sent to me when I requested another book from the library through inter-library loan earlier this year. I did check for my cousin's family names but none were listed. The Amish funeral customs vary from community to community. The funerals are held in the homes and not with an outside funeral home service.

In Adams County and Allen County, Indiana the "Old Order Amish use wooden grave markers that will decay and disappear. Generally the Amish choose Amish cemeteries but not always. Tombstones and markers are uniform, modest and plain. The more recent times the person's information is inscribed in English.

Many of your Amish Communities are small maybe several hundred people and their cemeteries are small in land size. Check with the local library to see if they have any index books or other books regarding these people.

Keep those ancestors in Amish cemeteries in mind and keep your family search going.

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