Ancestors Passenger Arrival

Ancestors Passenger Arrival

Ancestors Passenger Arrival has 5 tips in locating your ancestors. The following tips were taken from an article written by Juliana Smith of on August 26, 2011. They are not written entirely as  Ms. Smith wrote them. I will add scanned photos of the late actor Peter Lorre's passenger lists. I copied and scanned them from, one was shown on their home page a couple months ago.

1. Estimating the Arrival Dates

The date of immigration can be found in a number of records including U.S. Federal Census records from 1900 to 1930, each year ask for year of immigration. Death record in some cases ask ""How long in the U.S?" on death record. Obituaries may state the country of birth and the city or town born in.

Home sources may contain letters from friends and relatives from their country of origin. Also a combination of resources can help pin down elusive dates. Using birth dates and birth locations, especially among siblings, it is often possible to narrow the arrival date to within a few years. When searching on include your estimated immigration date in your search. Narrow your results to those that would apply. Add +/- 1,2, 5, or 10 years to give your self room for rough estimates.

2. Gathering Identifiers

There are times when the challenge isn't in finding your ancestor's name in the records, as determining if it is your ancestor. It is helpful to compile a mini-profile of your ancestors based on information you have all ready found.

Census records are also a good source for estimating age at the time of immigration, as is death records, tombstones, correspondence, marriage records, newspaper obituaries.

Occupations are sometimes listed on the passenger lists. In the case of Mr. Peter Lorre we have 2 passenger lists from 1934 and 1936. One list reads actor the other one reads artist. The word artist can be interpret to mean stage or screen actor, musician, painter or sculptor.

Immediate family members may have accompanied your ancestor. You might find out that a neighbor could have
travelled with your ancestor. There is the chance that the head of the household came here first. When employment was obtained and appropriate living quarters located, he/she sent for the remainder of the family.

Keep a list of surnames and ethnic names that are associated with your immigrant ancestors. Witnesses, sponsors,
neighbors, other relatives, also any other names that pop up in conjunction with your ancestors.

Click on the text below and start your research.

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The first picture above is the full copy of the Passenger Arrival List.  The second picture is only part of the list.  Mr. Lorre and his wife Cecily are the last 2 names on the list. Here we learn Mr. Lorre is an artist, he could read and write. Born in Hungary in Rozsahegy. Nationality Hungarian.  Passport issued in London on  July 11, 1934.

Part 2 of Ancestors Passenger Arrival will show the 1936 list, where we learn more.

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