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Ancestry Search Wedding and Baby Showers

A Source for Genealogy Information

Try to be as complete and accurate as possible. Always take the genealogy information with a grain of salt, until you have verified the facts.

A great gift to give to the bride & groom a family tree chart that you started for them. The happy couple can continue entering their ancestry that you did not know. In the future their children will be added to the family tree chart.

If attending a baby shower be sure to ask for as much ancestry information from both the mother's family and the father's. Don't forget the blank group sheets to be filled out. At either shower make a game of it. Explain how the sheet should be prepared. Of course the sheet that is most complete (hopefully accurately) wins the prize. Emphasize the importance of entering full names of parents. Ask for complete information as possible: birth date, place of birth: city/town, county and state of each individual on the sheet.

Explain that if a piece of information is unknown, such as the place of birth, say fine but do you know the month, day and year of birth. This gets those little gray cells moving.

Also a great gift for a baby shower is a family tree chart you started for the new baby. At a baby shower, ask if names are chosen. Also make a game out of this, by guessing if the name is of a parent, brother, sister or best friend. The name can be a favorite with one of the parents.

In other centuries the first boy child was named for the father's father. The first girl child was named for the mother's mother. Later children born were usually named after a brother or sister and sometimes a favorite aunt or uncle.

Don't be afraid to ask their nationality. Should the last name be McDonald, just ask is that Scottish or Irish. Most people are proud of their heritage. You just might learn some interesting facts about their ancestry. Keep on ancestry searching.

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