Ancestry Seminar at Ft Wayne, Indiana

Ancestry seminar was held on Saturday July 23rd in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. It was hosted by the Allen County Public Library and The extreme heat outside and the very hard blowing air conditioning inside did not bode well with me and I had to leave during the second session.

The above photo of General Ulysses S. Grant is take from a Yahoo Search. General Grant is at Cold Harbor. As we know he became President of the United States.

The information I will give you will be from my notes and the brochure we were given at registration.

Think and plan first. Search basic and search advanced on First use just basic search and see what comes up. Then do an advanced search where you can enter, ancestor's name, spouse, children, locations where lived.

Search by surname and revelance, also browse the categories and sub categories. Search the card catalog with keywords, name, places lived, using events and dates. On you can estimate your birth, marriage, and death date and find your ancestor.

Advanced Search

In advance search <b>Use Default Settings</b> links to be more specific about the names that will be returned.
Click on use default settings link to be more specific about the places that will be included in your results.
Should your ancestor have moved frequently, you can add multiple <b>Lived In</b> areas to returnn records from
all places your ancestor resided.

Search Categories and Sub-Categories


<li> Narrows the focus<br>
<li> Customized fields for the types of information found in the records.<br>
<li> Allows you to search multiple collections of sinmilar records such as: passenger arrivals,
border crossings, and crew lists.</ol>

Search Card Catalog

<li> Title search returns terms found in database titles <u>only</u><br>
<li> Keyword search returns terms found in title and description<br>
<li> Filters narrow search to collection type, location, and date frame<br>

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