Beware Another Website

The page beware another website is to let you know there is another website using the same title, as our website. The graphic below the headline is of our website.

Other Website

This other website is not using the hypens as my website uses. I am told that I should have purchased the name with hypens and without. Therefore I can do nothing other than warn my friends of the other website's existence. So beware another website is existing out there.

Mangerial and Technology

I have checked out this other website and there is just a small amount that even mentions family history.
The screens I was able to view were about software and technology. There is an article about managerial expertise.

How these people can connect to genealogy or family history is beyond me.

Remember if you want to do genealogy or family history research click on:

Added Information: I have periodically searched for the false website and in the last couple of months have not found it listed.
Just did a quick search and possibily have changed their name or have disappeared. Still be careful, always use hypens when searching for our website.

New Information April 14, 2014: Just did a Google Search and I do not find the website that had used our title.  There are many websites that use the words Genealogy Research Tools in their title. You still need to be careful and which website you pick from your web search. There is so much genealogy information on the world wide web that it can be very confusing.

Our Pages

A reminder of pages on, you will have pages on the 13 branches of the National Archives which include Washington D.C. and College Park Maryland. There also pages on the free publications of NARA and on the publications that must be purchased.

Family History

We have pages on Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as their Family History Centers.

Beginning Genealogy Research

The how to start genealogy research is fascinating information you and your friends will enjoy.

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Once again enjoy the ride along the genealogy pathway.

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