DNA and Genealogy to find your ancestors

DNA and Genealogy, do they belong together, Yes. DNA technology is helping genealogists all over the world in finding their ethnic ancestry, ancient ancestry and adding information to family trees. I was referred to the website: "DNA Testing Adviser". I have to tell you I am not interested in DNA, but I found this website very interesting and thought it would help some of my visitors.

Mr. Richard Hill, a former scientist, developed this website to help other people (like himself) who were adopted and want to know who and as much information about their birth parents. While doing his research,
Mr. Hill met many genealogists who used DNA testing to go further back in finding information on theirancestors and extending their family trees. It appears DNA and Genealogy work well together.

The following information is from "DNA TESTING ADVISER" home page.

"My Unique View"

As a former scientist, I understood the concepts and researched the technology. Then I asked the right questions before
and after every test. Excited by what this new science did for me, I continue to study and research the subject.

While there are hundreds of web sites that discuss DNA, this site is different in three important ways:

1. Most sites are created by testing companies. I am a private individual--free to express my independent opinions.

2. I write from the personal perspective of someone who has used DNA testing.

3. I make every effort to write in plain English and make complex subjects as clear as possible.

Read on the home page the paragraph: "Free Advice on DNA Testing". Also check out these pages:

"Extending Family Trees with DNA Testing"----"Ethnic Ancestry: Discover Your Roots with DNA"---"Ancient Ancestry
Your Place in Human History".

Click here:

 Finding Family with DNA Testing.

Feel free to share this information with any relative or friend who would be interested in viewing "DNA Testing Adviser". Do remember these tests do cost money and please check into the pricing for each test.

I believe you will find this website interesting as I did. Enjoy and keep traveling along the genealogy highway.

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