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United States Research

Edie Falco, actress of stage, screen and television is our guest celebrity on this episode of "Who Do You Think You Are. As a child her family spend most of their time visiting with her father's family. Ms Falco and her mother Judy Anderson know very little about Mrs. Anderson's family, so Edie Falco is researching her maternal line.

Ms Falco visits her mother Judy Anderson at her home on Long Island, New York, where her mother shows her a framed family history a cousin gave to her. We note that this family history states George Megrath was from Wales and Megrath is his mother's maiden name.

Ms Falco starts her journey by learning that George Megrath, her maternal grandfather was not born in Wales but in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Here she learns her her grandfather was baptised at "All Saints Cathedral and that his surname was Brown.

Charles Childs Brown was George Megrath's father. We learn that he was at the baptism of his son at the "All Saints Cathedral" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We learn that Charles C. Brown was an excellent newspaperman, printer and brilliant writer. He was some what sarcastic personality. Any person who came to his office in an angry mood left smiling and happier than when he/she came through the door.

Watch the video and learn about mistakes others have made, especially the newspaper article that appeared in Mr. Brown's own newspaper.

England Research

Ms. Falco continues her research journey and learns that Charles Brown was born in England. He came to the United States with his mother Sister Catherine Brown. This information was found in a New York newspaper.

Ms Falco continues the journey to England, County of Cornwall. Here she learns that Catherine Brown was born Catherine Kindley (Kindly), daughter of Ralph S. Kindley (Kindly) and Dorothy Childs Kindley (Kindly).

Ms. Falco learned quite a bit of information from the United States Census and she also learns more information from the 1841 England Census. She learns from this census that Catherine Kindley (Kindly) was 10 years old and living with a Jane Childs.

Why isn't she living with her parents? Where are her parents and is Jane Childs a relative? Watch the video for the answers and find out who was a master mariner. What part does the ship the "Lord Cochrane" and the "Schooner Aficana" have in this story?

Watch the video to see the answers to these questions and more. Very interesting story.

Professional Assistants

The following people assisted Ms. Falco in research and journey:

1. Maira Liriano, Librarian, Milstein Div. New York Public Library.
2. Christie Manussier, Office Manager "All Saints Cathedral", Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
3. Amanda Koehler, Archivist, Milwaukee County History Center.
4. Dr. James Mueller, Associate Profesor of Journalism, University of Northern Texas.
5. Jo Foster, Family History Researcher.
6. Chloe Phillips, Archive Officer.
7. Dr. Sam Willis, Maritime Historian and Author.

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