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Family History Centers

family history centers, ancestry search, resources

The above photo was taken by Helen Morgan.

Family History Centers are the branches of the Mormon Library located in Salt LakeCity, Utah. The library houses all the genealogical information that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has collected.

There are 4,500 research centers around the world in 110 countries and territories.The centers are operated and located in the meeting house of each local church.We have a research center located in a city about 15 miles from my residence and it isvery small and has some microfilm and a few books.

This is where I place a request for the film that I need. A roll of microfilm costs $7.50 to send film for your viewing and it takes 2 to 4 weeks to receive a copy. You are given a month in which to view the roll of film. Once you view the film and it goes back to Salt Lake City and you request the same roll of film a second time it will cost you another $7.50 to be sent back. This is called short-term loan extended. Extended Film Loan fee is $18.50 and Microfiche Loan is $4.75. I just received this information this afternoon Feb. 29, 2012.

You have to pay a copy cost for every print you make from the roll of film or microfiche.I had to pay 25 cents for regular copies, but printing a negative copy cost me 50 cents.Some film can only be printed as a negative copy. According to the availability of trained staff and/or trained volunteers each center determines its own hours. Check the website: Family Search to find a location near you. Call before your visit, to verify the hours when it is open.

Staff members do not do research for you. They will give you an orientation about the center and answer some research question to help you use their resources.

Some centers offer training classes on a variety of genealogical research topics. Staff members may be able to recommend other libraries or archives near you.

Resources at most centers are microfilm, microfiche and some records on CDs'. Computer access for family search and other genealogical websites. In most centers published reference sources are available for histories, genealogies, maps and atlases.

Visit a family history center near you, before planning a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah.

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