Family History Search: County Auditor Office

Family history search, check the county auditor office. This is a good source for ancestor search information. The office of the county auditor is not as well known as the board of heath or the office of the county recorder.

Transfer Records of Property:

The auditor's office keeps transfer records on every parcel of land in the county from the date of creation to present time. These transfers can be made by various deeds, such as warranty deed, quit claim deed, deed in trust etc. Transfers of property are also made from affidavits with a death certificate included.

Estates and Partition Suits etc:

Transfers are made thru estates and partition suits. Divorce decrees must be presented to the county auditor's office, showing the party given the real estate by the court and then the property is transferred to the party that was granted the real estate in the divorce decree.

The documents that transfer property from party to party contains valuable family history information. It gives the name of the person transferring property and the person receiving the property, whether this is by deed or affidavit and death certificate.

Legal Description:

The legal description of the property which could be a lot and block in a subdivision or property still described by metes and bounds: The East 100 feet of the Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 10, Township 35, Range 8 West of the Second Principal Meridian, in the State of Indiana.

The document will have the date of preparation, date of transfer and if the document is an affidavit due to death it will have the deceased person's name and date and place of death.

If transfer is made through an estate the transcript will show the estate court number, the deceased person's full name. The party or parties who are to receive the real estate and their relationship to the deceased.

All documents of transfer must contain the parcel number or key number and now they are being called pin numbers. Plats of Real Estate:

The county auditor office has plats of all parcels of land in the county, whether the land is subdivided or still listed as a metes and bounds description.

Tax Sale:

The county auditor's office also has an auditor's tax sale and in Indiana it is held every year. Should you have an abstract of title to the home of your ancestor you are lucky. It will show all the transfer records from the creation of the county down to a certain time period. It was the 1970s' or 1980's when most states stopped writing abstracts and starting issuing more title insurance policies.

State of Illinois:

NOTE: I have done family history search in 6 or 7 counties in the State of Illinois and they do not have a county auditor' office. Here you will have to go to the county recorder's office.

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