Family Search Churches

Family Search Churches

For your family search churches are loaded with genealogy information. The church has birth (baptismal)
records, marriage and death records. In today's busy world we tend to forget about these
records, when we are doing our ancestry searching.

We have many protestant churches such as United Methodist,
Evangelical Lutheran, First Presbyterian. There is the Catholic Church and
Jewish Synagogues/Temples. These denominations are just a few of the family search churches available to us.

Baptismal information usually includes the names of the sponsors, which in former times
was usually relatives, now they can be the best friends of the parents.

Other helpful information that can be found are membership lists, lists of officers and
minutes of meetings which will show the names of officers and members who attended the
meeting. Also the minutes of a meeting may include the salary of the pastor or the
amount paid for communion supplies. This is not genealogical information unless your
ancestor was the pastor. I find this type of information interesting and consider it
fun facts to know.

Locating Church Records

Many of our local churches house these records in their own buildings or have been housed in
the parsonage. Of course the older records are in book form and some of the present day
records are on computers.

Local, county or state libraries also have books that have been compiled on very old
church records. The states of Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York would
have some records from the late 1600s', the 1700s'. These would probably be about
churches that have dissolved. I found a history written about a church that my
"Haynes" ancestors attended and it contained information on generations of the "Haynes"

Also check local and state historical societies. There are state universities that have
church records. To give you an idea of a few universities I will mention a few on the
other church pages.

Also take in to consideration that in these early days our ancestors were immigrants
from England, Holland, Germany, France and other countries. The handwriting in the
original books would be in their native language. When transcribed expect to have some

Churches and family search information go hand in hand, so keep those little gray cells

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