Family Tree Charts Blank

Family Tree Charts

Where do I find family tree charts, blank ones? How do I know which one is the best to use? Just two questions people ask once they start working on their family genealogy research.

First check to see if you have a local genealogical society and historical society, check to see if they have these charts and which ones they like and recommend. Also check with the major book sellers, they would have them in their genealogy section. You can go to one of their local stores or check on line.

You can also check online to see what you can find. Do a Yahoo search for the charts, that you would like to use.

The following pictures are a result of a Yahoo search that I did. I am a person who needs easy to read and understand. This is what you should use when doing your research. Then when you want to give a nice gift it will be easier to transfer the information over, even if you go for a creative chart.

The first graphic the 5 generation chart is the one I have always used. I have never tried the double pedigree chart. George
Clooney and Oprah Winfrey's charts are similiar.

There are many more choices to choose from. Do not rush into picking out the first charts you see, look around for more and possibly more interesting.

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