Family Tree ClipArt And Lineage Information

Family Tree ClipArt

Free family tree clipart is a great way to dress up or embellious your genealogy research, or lineage information. How about adding clipart to your genealogy scrapbooking.

You can embellious these special clipart charts by adding the flag of the country where your ancestor was born. Your gr-grandfather was from Prussia (Germany) and your gr-grandmother was from France. If you have the room on your chart to do both countries then do so. You can also add a picture of the two of them together, instead of a flag.

There are maps of countries on the world wide web. Add a map that sets out the shape of the country. This will help add geography and history to your lineage information.

In the United States you can add a map of the state in which you or your ancestors were born.

Use a timeline maker to show the current events during the lives of your relatives. This makes your ancestors more real to you if you had never met them. One place you can obtain the timeline software is

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The following picture is another free graphic that I saved from
my Yahoo search results.

Work with clipart and enjoy your genealogy research.

Here is a reference website for healdry and medieval fonts and a few other graphics that might interest you. Take a look at:

Check and recheck to be sure the clipart you choose is free. One way to find out is to right click on the graphic and it will allow you to copy or save the graphic. If not a statement will pop up and state this is copyrighted or is the property of Carol Jean Hall or words similiar.

Keep traveling along the genealogy highway and enjoy your researching.

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