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Free Family Tree Research


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This free family tree research page will bring to your attention a few websites that are partially or completely free of charge. Time to do some ancestry online searching. Also I have become a member of several that will appear.

This first website I recently reacquainted myself with it. "Olive Tree Genealogy" has many free databases and many more genealogy/family history articles. I have not joined this site. Check out Olive Tree at: Olive Tree Genealogy.

"Roots Web World Connect Project Global Search" is now a part of ancestry.com. You can search and get page results, but if you want to look at the original image you must become a paid member thru ancestry.com. You must click thru for North Am Gen Web for the United States/The U.S. Gen Web Project.

As a courtesty Canada Gen Web Project is listed but is not affiliated with this project.

"Footnote.com" was recently purchased by ancestry.com. There is no fee to join footnote, but your searching will be thru ancestry.com. Periodically footnote.com will give you access to such records as the American Revolution (around the 4th of July) and U.S. Civil War. This access usually runs for one week. I did become a member earlier this year. Take a look at: Footnote.com.

"Kindred Konnections/My Tree.com" is another website that I joined. You can search your ancestry for free. I used this site earlier in the year to see if I could come up with information for my cousin, who I was helping at that time. Check Kindred Konnection at: Kindred Konnections. Kindred Konnections also sends me updates when there are new databases online etc.

This next website I just joined. You can fine your ancestry on line with "Public Domain Genealogy" has many different genealogy products such as e-books that are downloadable in two different formats, and many genealogy links.

Be forwarned there is much to check into. I glanced over this e-book "How to Trace Your Family History", have to tell you it skims over information. This book does not give any specifics that I do on my pages. The book simply states that you can obtain birth, death and marriage records at the county level. I will be checking other information, so check Public Domain Genealogy at: Public Domain Genealogy.

Heritage Quest Online can be accessed from your local library free of charge to you. Also I have just discovered that ProQuest (the parent of Heritage Quest) has Proquest Obituaries on line. Will be looking at this site in the near future. As I check into other websites I will be updating our website for you.

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