Free Genealogy Websites!

Free Genealogy Websites

Free genealogy websites! Is it really free, well maybe but unlikely. You can spend
a lot of time going from one free website to another in most cases it is not free.

The above photo is by amagocsi, at "Flickr Website" the section that is free!

You go to a "free genealogy website", you read the text on the first screen. It
reads: get your free genealogy searches here. Next you are typing in your search
names, click on the word search and Wow! a new screen pops up and a graphic person
starts talking, telling you that you must be a member in order to search. Pick
which service package: Bronze at $29.95; Silver at $39.95; or our best Gold for
$59.95. This is definitely not free.

Another free genealogy website will let you search a name and even show results such as:

10 results for George Washington, to see results click here. Bang! the next screen
reads to view this record you must be a member. Again you are offered different
prices in which to choose from. That is right it is not free.

You will run across some sites that will tell you up front that you need to be
a member in order to search the website. It maybe a free site but requires you
to sign up, so they can keep track of those individuals who may only use the
site a few times and other parties who will be repeat visitors many times.

First and foremost do as much of your research at the local level before trying
for free genealogy searches online. Definitely be well prepared if you join
a pay website.

Here are a few websites that are free: you search for cemeteries
and graves. SSDI Social Security Death Index, it is an interactive search, it is
a part of but appears to be free.

Here are a few websites that are free: you search for cemeteries
and graves. SSDI Social Security Death Index, it is an interactive search, it is
a part of but appears to be free. is free and it covers the countries of England and Wales.

Here is another way to search online and it will be free, go to your local library
and search or heritage The only way to search
is with a membership or trial subscription, your library has all ready paid for
membership so use it, especially if money is tight.

Now get a library card and
you can search Heritage at home thru your library data base or you can
just access heritage from your home computer by going online. I find it easier
to go thru my library database.

Hear is a website that is not free it is the largest genealogy website in the United Kingdom (UK).  I am delighted and pleased that they became a sponsor of our website.

It is free to join and I did join. Have received emails from them which included 5 free credits to do some researching.  They also have an e-book which I downloaded and have started reading.

I will be leaving tips on our page Genes Reunited be sure and check our page for new information.  Also take the time to join and start searching for your British, Scottish and Welch ancestors.


There is a website that is called "Free Mormon LDS Genealogy", and you have to
be a member. Why join when all you have to do is go to and
no membership required. You can register and login, I did this when they first
came on the world wide web, but when doing my searching I just search and only
ocassionaly sign in just so I remember my password.

I found this directory of genealogy websites and I am a listed member. Their websites are cataloged by type, ex: biographies, cemeteries, colonial america, surnames and many more. Some members are free genealogy websites. Go to this page:

Have fun and enjoy the ride along the genealogy pathway.

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