Free Nara Publications

Free Nara Publications

Free Nara publications that we will reference here will be General Information Leaflets, Reference Information Papers and the Brochures for some of the Archives'branch locations.

We start with "The National Archives in the Nation's Capital", General Information Leaflet #71, 30 pages.

Our leaflet tells us about the archival holdings including textual records, legislative records, and it explains about the microfilm research room and genealogical research.

Census records, passenger arrival lists and indexes to late 18th and 19th century military service and pension records. The research room has staff to help guide you and assist you in locating pertinent microfilm and also in ordering related non-microfilmed records. There is more including a section on FAQs.

Go online:

National Archives in the Nation's Capital

to look at this publication and print off any or all parts of the leaflet.

Another NARA Publications is "Military Service Records" at The National Archives, Reference Information Papr # 109, 136 pages.
Here is a book for you and your ancestry research, there are images some of draft cards, registration
applications. Read the document just in front of page 5! Each branch of service is covered and information on Bounty Land.

The Confederecy, this is of interest to many, this booklet gives you the following information: Records relating to Confederate Service. Also a section listing the states that you can contact
for information on Confederate Pensions. There are sections on medals and burials and headstones. Read the section titled "National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers", now we refer to these as "Old Soldiers Home".

Go online:

Military Service Records.

Here you can select a section to print off or you can download the entire booklet in PDF format.

Our next booklet is: "Research in the Land Entry Files of the General Land Office", Reference Information Paper # 114
22 pages. Compiled by Kenneth Hawkins. National Archives and Records Administration, revised 2007.

Nara is the official repository for records of the U.S. General Land Office, the predecessor of the Bureau of Land Management, that document the transfer of public lands from the United States
to private ownership.

Note: The first deed out will be a patent deed and has the signature ofthe President of the United States, who is in office on that certain date.

Nara has custody of the land entry case files for the 30 Federal public land states. The following were never a part of the original public domain. The original 13 states, Vermont, Kentucky,
Tennessee, West Virginia, Texas and Hawaii.

There are sections on Bounty Land Warrants for Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican War etc.

For additional information and printing go online:

Research in Land Entry Files.

Also there is no pdf download for this leaflet.

Note: Booklet was fka General Information Leaflet #67.

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