Frequently Asked Questions for Genealogy Research

The following are the most frequently asked questions about genealogy
research and tracing family history.

1. Where Do I Begin My Genealogy Research?

Always start with yourself, then work your way backwards by asking for information from parents and
grandparents. For more details see: Family First

2. How Do I Trace My Family History?

After talking with members of your immediate family go to the local library to look for index books for
vital records in your county. For more details see:

Family History Library

3. Where can I find Birth, Marriage and Death Records?

Birth, marriage and death records are called vital records for they depict life's vital events. These records
are the building blocks of any family history. For more details see: Vital Records

4. Where do I find Guardianship and estate information?

Guardianships and estates are in Probate Court in your county clerk's office. For more details see:
Lineage Search

5. What do I do when the records have been destroyed?

In the case of the 1890 Federal Census, information on a few states is available on line. If your local
courthouse had a fire or was destroyed by a tornado you have other sources. First check your local library,
your state library or archives, or bureau of vital statistics. Don't forget your local newspapers.
For more details see: Family History Library & Newspapers

6. Should I join websites like

It is your choice, if you have the money and want the convenience of researching at home then do join.
Your local library probably has a membership and besides you can check microfilm or books in the genealogy
room at the library. For more details see:

Free Genealogy Websites & Genealogy Message Boards

7. What Genealogy Software should I use?

You decide what you would like in a software program. Do you prefer simplicity or do you want all the bells
and whistles? For more details see:

Free Genealogy Software & Genealogy Software

New question added to: Frequently Asked Questions:

8. Do you have these records, if you do, I will come and pick
them up? Do you have these records, if so please send to me.

Answer: No I do not house any actual documents. I am a person not an entity or bricks and mortar. I am here to help you locate the records you are seeking.

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