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Genealogy Magazines

Genealogy magazines, to help you find ancestry information. We have mentioned books, census records, newspapers and now it is time for magazines. The information you will find in these magazines are usually general information. How to research, tips and techniques. Various articles family reunions, scrapbooking etc.

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The first magazine I would like to mention is: "Everton's Genealogical Helper". The magazine has great genealogy articles, news, tips, book reviews. There is a section on missing ancestors and family. You may check out this magazine at your local
library, where you can look at different issues.

Because of the recent economy Everton Publishers is no longer issuing this magazine. It is a great loss to the all genealogists and researchers.

"Ancestry Magazine" is for everyone from beginners to advanced researchers in ancestry search. It is a bi-monthly magazine. It contains expert and intertesting articles, regular columns book reviews and more. You can go to your library or go online to look over this magazine. Go to:

Ancestry Magazine.

Ancestry magazine has been discontinued, still check your local libraries and genealogical & historical societies for previous issues.

Our next magazine is "Family Tree Magazine", which contains tips and information that is easy to read. This magazine includes genealogy research, ethnic heritage, family reunions, scrapbooking etc. This is the U.S. magazine not the one to be found in the U.K. Published by F&W Media. Go to:

Family Tree Magazine.

Our 4th magazine is "Family Chronicles", which is published 6 times a year. Listed here are a couple of articles from their Dec. 2009 issue. "Five Reasons I love Genealogy", "The Tax Man Cometh: Tax Records in Genealogy." The cost for a 1 year subscription is $25.00. Publisher is Moorhead Magazines Ltd.
"Family Chronicles" is up for sale. Check:

Go to:

Family Chronicles.

You can save money by viewing this and the other magazines at your local library.

Our last magazine is "Internet Genealogy", this magazine is for doing your
ancestor search using online resources. This magazine is totally focused on internet genealogy. Also published by Moorhead Magazines Ltd.
This magazine does not appear to have made any changes.

Read and enjoy these magazines and others that are out there.

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