Genealogy Message Boards

Genealogy Message Boards

"Genealogy Message Boards" a good source for your free online genealogy research. Yes! these message boards are free. Of course do not expect to find every ancestor that you are looking for. Place your query and check on another day to see if there have been any replies.

I have not investigated every board or forum, so there is the possibility that you may come across one that requires paid membership.

There are forums and blogs you can investigate they are similiar to the message boards. I have not posted any queries, but I have been looking to see if any one has posted any queries on my cousin by marriage, family.

Here are several interesting forums: Printable Genealogy Forms. I took a look at each form and the only one I did not care for was the 1930 Census Sheet. The Census identification information that belongs on the top of the sheet was put to the bottom. Go to:

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The following information is available at GenForum:

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Go to:

There is Rootsweb a member of the family.  Rootsweb has the same categories as

Check all boards for information and you should be able to find your ancestors in one or more.

Enjoy the ride along the genealogy pathway.

Check:   for more information.

Do you have any Scottish ancestry try, "Scotlands Family", apparently is free.

There is a website titled "Scotlands People". "Scotlands People" allows you to search a couple databases for free all others there is a fee. To become a member it is free.
"Scotlands People" is the website for Scotland's National Archives.

Do not get the two mixed when doing your free genealogy searches.

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