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For Genealogy Methodist Church

For Genealogy Methodist Church look to the church for your ancestry search information. Yes like the other churches they have baptismal, marriage and death information. The church also has other church records of interest, such as board meetings, or officers meetings, the ladies society meetings. Of course these meeting records include the officers and parties attending.

Many churches have a yearbook done every few years, check for copies of this book. There may be a picture of your ancestor(s) with a brief discription, which usually include home address and telephone number.

Also you have the Methodist Church and the United Methodist Church. I am not Methodist, but I would say the beliefs are slightly different in each type of church.

Yes the local churches keep the church records but some of the older records may be found in other respositeries.

Many of the Methodist church records can be found at DePauw University in Indiana.

You may check DePauw University website for your ancestors. www.depauw.edu/library/archives When you get to the home page click on the archives database.

For the United Methodist records you may check "Garret Evangelical Theological Seminary, located in Evanston, Illinois.

Keep looking to the churches for your genealogy information.

Check out Genealogy Lutheran Church.

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