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Genealogy Research

Start with Family-First

Family is the first place to start your genealogy research. If you are a student, searching your family, start with your parents and your siblings. If you are an adult, working on your ancestry, start with yourself, spouse and your children.

There are many social events in our lives where we gather with our families: reunions, birthdays and special anniversaries; weddings, wedding and baby showers; funerals, wakes and memorials, vacations. Click on the information below.

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Christmas and Genealogy Searches.

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Finding Birth Information.

When attending these events, like weddings, ask permission from all family members involved in the ceremony, before the date of the event. Explain that you would like to ask for family history information. You are guest of bride. All parties includes both sides. Don't forget to get information on the groom's side. Start with the groom and his parents and siblings. This will give them a good feeling and in the future they will be receptive to any further requests from you. It is a good idea to bring along some of the family genealogy research you are working on. Bring blank group sheets, have family members fill in the group sheets as complete as possible and return to you, or you will be happy to pick them up at their home.

Remember Family First!

Do you have older relatives? You might ask them if you could have a 1 on 1 conversation with them at another time. Should you have a recorder, ask if you can use it at the conversation as well as taking notes. Show them a filled out a group sheet in case they are in doubt about giving personal information. Click on this information: Family History Life

How about calling one of your cousins, who lives in another city, or state, one you haven't seen in a long time. Ask for an update on his/her family. Tell them about the work you have started and what you hope to accomplish with your family genealogy research. People usually get excited when there maybe a book in progress.

Check to see if another relative is working on the same line(s) you are doing. That is a yes, get together and share information. 2 heads are better than one. Possibly you can go researching together. This makes researching more fun.

All this family information will be great for the book you will create. You will become the favorite relative. Come and enjoy the ride along the genalogy trail.

I was referred to an interesting website take a look at this newpage that I have added: DNA and Genealogy.

New Information

Hi, I had the pleasure of connecting with a website that has research information for England and Wales. If you need family tree research information from either country check out this website: FamilyTree Resources.

In the future I hope to bring you other websites for your genealogy research.

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