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Genealogy Volunteering

Genealogy volunteering can help you with your ancestry research. Genealogical and historical society, public library or The National Archives branch near you can use your help.

Your area genealogical and historical society would appreciate any assistance you can give. These societies are dealing in the modern world of technology as well as the old world of books.

If you can type, if you know how to use a 35 millimeter camera you will be a big help. Do you know how to burn a disc? My local genealogical society is busy filming county records and indexing them, so the indices will be put up on the world wide web.

Something else you will be able to do is to walk through the local cemeteries and write down the information on each tombstone. My second cousin did this some years ago working with her friend and her friend's mother who was the member of the genealogical society.

Note: The above graphic was found through a yahoo search. On the web NC Genealogy was attached, do not know why it is not there now.

Your public library can use your help, as they are working with filming some books and records. Also indexing newspapers and obituaries. Any other skill you have will be valuable assistance.

Should you have more than one library in your area check in with both. I have a community library in my city and a county library just 4 or 5 miles North of where I live. Both have genealogy rooms. Another public library 20 miles East has a very good genealogy dept.

The National Archives would appreciate your help if you live close enough to one of the 13 branches. Here you might need more experience but while you do your research spend time here to learn what records they may have for your area. I just love history, hope you do as well.

I have created this page because these organizations can use good help and knowledge, plus I have been volunteering my time to the Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society. A few days ago Marlene called me and told me that the society gives 2 awards to volunteers. One is for a member who does additional volunteering and the other is for a non-member volunteer.

For 2010-2011 year I am the receipent of the non-member volunteer award. She made my day!

Attended this month's meeting of the Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society to learn more about the 1940 Census.
My name was called for the non-member volunteer award for 2011-2012 year, received another certificate. Officially I became a member in April 2012.

If you look at the page 1940 Federal Census Addendum you will see I picked up much more information.

These people appreciate and can definitely use your assistance.

If it is possible join the genealogy volunteering people and enjoy your time together.

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