Genealogy Websites Beware

Genealogy Websites Beware

This page on genealogy websites beware of, comes from searching the internet for some genealogy products. My Robert Ragan of Treasure Maps/Genealogy-Products believes that the 3 websites I am going to show and tell you about to be fraudulent. I am no expert, but I would be cautious when attemping
to search these 3 websites.

The following paragraph is stated by Robert Ragan on Treasure Maps/Genealogy-Products, hopefully I transcribed it almost verbatim, instead of the word us I used Mr. Ragan's name.

The sites claim to have"The largest online genealogical search tool" and promote themselves as the foremost resources for genealogy, but from what Mr. Ragan can tell, these sites are nothing more than a series of web pages with links to other services. These sites in our opinion (Robert Ragan,)
are fraudulent.


Our first website is "" the problem I found on this website was: Internet Explorer cannot display this page, when I clicked on the button that read: "click to visit site", I tried this on the home page on on the review pages.

When clicking on "Read the full review button, it took me to the review.

Our next website is "", this is not the same as please be careful when searching either website. "" appears to be a new website,
copyrighted 2011. With the exception of reading About Us and Privacy Policy, the Sitemap phrase does not send you to the sitemap, also when you try searching it just flips to the
home page again.

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Our third website is "" again do not confuse this with " au"
When I clicked on the home page, then clicked on a heading such as Family History I was taken
to a screen that looked like a search results page from Yahoo or Google.

Also if you click on the "Book Australia" the screen will look like a Yahoo or Google search results page. I am not sure if this could be classified as a link farm, which is frowned upon.

This page was created only to make you aware that there are questionable genealogy websites
out there on the world wide web.

Continue along the genealogy highway and enjoy the ride.

Check our page:

Beware Another Website.

NOTE: I am running Genealogy Websites Beware on my blog as a reminder of these websites on this page. Also the one that has our name without the hyphens and when I last looked at it, it was nothing about genealogy or family history.

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