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Large Cemeteries for Ancestor Search

Large cemeteries for ancestor search, where you find an abundance of lineage information. These cemeteries can be privately owned by companies or in the case of a mid-size town/city can be owned and taken care of by the municipality.

Here again your local library can help you. If you are searching out side of your area always try to find out as much information as you can before hand. Do you have any relatives in this area who may help you or maybe they will join you in your request for ancestry information.

In the large cemeteries(I mean size in acres of land) it is always nice to have company to help you spot tombstones, or the person knows where many of your ancestors are buried and take you right to the tombstones or markers. This type of cemetery will be sectioned off and coded in numbers: section 1 or by letters section A.

There will be administrative staff employed, especially if owned by a private company. The cemetery should have up to date maps to give to you.

You will find a military section. A section is set aside for babies and infants. There is usually one or two sections set aside for people of the catholic faith.

You will find municipal, ethnic and fraternal cemeteries among these cemeteries. Also there will be sections such fraternal orders as the "Masonic Lodge", "Serbian Lodge", "Old Knights of Phythias", "Red Men Lodge" and even a section for the "Moose Lodge".

I have mentioned ancestor search small and large, there is also those cemeteries that can be classified as medium or in between. I would say my parents are buried in an in between size. Yet it is divided into 2 parts. The old part is city owned and the records are in the clerk-treasurers office. This section is where my father's parents are buried and other relatives. The new part is privately owned and maintained by a private company and they have the records to this section. My parents are buried here.

Keep moving on with your ancestor search. Cemetery hoping is fun so enjoy the experience.

Check out Catholic Cemtery.

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