Letters B H

Letters B H

In the following deed we see handwritten letters B H and a word about our country's independence.

First Paragraph:

In Testimony Whereof, second paragraph the language used to commerate the independence of the United States. I believe this information was written on deeds for 100 years or more.

Second Paragraph:

By this Deed, G. Henrich Dahlkamp and Anna Maria Dahlkamp, etc. Look at the beginning of the paragraph then look how Mr. Dahlkamp signs his name. There is a difference in the H in Henrich.

Third Paragraph:

The State of Indiana, look at the name Joseph Bornhulz in the paragraph, then looks at his signature.  The first letter looks like a "B", but "V" is a possibility.

Note: Always keep variations in your mind and you will do well.
I am looking for some more interesting documents for you to look over.

Keep researching and enjoy the ride along the ancestry trail, the journey is worth it. Good luck to you.

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