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Marisa Tomei

Marisa' mother's paternal ancestry

Marisa Tomei, is our guest celebrity for this episode of Who Do You Think You Are. Marisa is Italian and she is searching her ancestry on her mother's side of the family. After visiting her parents and brother, Marisa first takes us to Italy to start her genealogy research journey.

Marisa's first stop in Italy is Cecina, Tuscany, Italy. Here she meets her Italian guide Fabio Di Segni. They are at the Cecina Muncipal Cemetery, with caretaker Louis Gagillardi. Marisa understood her gr-grandfather Francesco Leopoldo Bianchi, was murdered in 1910, the cemetery records show he died on March 7, 1911 and he was not living there but was transported to Cecina Municipal Cemetery. The death record reads he died
from an illness, which Marisa does not believe.

Next she goes to Elba Island, to Elba Historical Municipal Archive in Portoferraio, Elba. She is given the marriage certificate and another document that shows Leopoldo was a merchant, he and his family were in the kiln business. Marisa is also given a newspaper article about the murder of F. Leopoldo Bianchi and his killer Terzilio Lazzereschi.

Marisa's next stop is Lucca where the trial was held. Marisa now goes to Castiglioncello, where the murder took place and where F. Leopoldo is buried. Watch the video to see the reason Lazzereschi killed Bianchi and what happened at Lazzereschi trial and in appeals court. Sounds like a modern day court trial.

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Marisa' mother's maternal ancestry

While Marisa is in Elba she goes to the Parish Church of Rio Nell' Elba, where Father Leonardo Biancalini gives Marisa a number of books containing information on her mother's maternal side. Her gr-grandmother was Adelaide Canovaro, (who Addie Marisa's mother was named after). Here we learn there are records going back 10 generations to 1641 to Alesandro Canovaro. Marisa is told there are more records showing even further back to the 1200s'.

Here are other people who assisted Marisa:

Professor Steven Hughes, Italian Duel Expert, with Loyola University, Maryland.

Dr. Francesco Tamburini,Professor of Contemporary History, Political Science, with University of Pisa.

Here is a special person Rosetta Vanucci, see what she did for Marisa and her family.

Please watch the video if you missed the program or if you want to watch again. You will find it very interesting. If the video does not take you into Marisa Tomei program go to: and search for the videos.

Next program will be Blair Underwood.

Enjoy the ride along the genealogy research pathway.

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