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Nara Publications for Purchase

Nara Publications include books, brochures and leaflets that allow us to do genealogy research and family history research. Some items are free and others must be purchased. This page will highlight a few of the one for purchase.

Our first book is titled: "American Originals" by Stacey Bredhoff. This book is more for the person who is interested in history and interested in seeing original documents. Some documents of interest are: George Washington's account of expenses, he kept during the Revolutionary War. Harriet Tubman's pension
claim for her service during the Civil War. "American Originals" presents glimpses into the world of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks,Elvis Presley and others.

The book contains 128 pages, 123 illustrations (89 in color). The cost is $17.95.

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"The Management of Archive" by Theodore R. Schellenberg, former Assistant Archivist of the United States.
This book appears to be somewhat of a text book and is used as the standard text in college courses and training workshops in the United States each year.

The book contains 420 pages was originially printed by Columbia University Press in 1965 and Reprinted by the National Archives and Records Administration in 1988. The cost is $15.00.

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Our next book is "Guide to Pre-Federal Records in the National Archives", Compiled by: Howard H. Welmann and Revised by Benjamin L. DE Whitt. This important book will assist the researcher in locating within the National Archives the records created or directly related to, the pre-Federal era, before the U.S. Constitution went into effect on March 4, 1789.

A few of these records are Continental and Confederation Congresses, the Constitutional Convention, and Continental Army and Navy; records pertaining to commerce, Indiana Affairs, postal and customs operations; records pertaining to pension, bounty-land, and other claims arising out of military and civilian activities. There is a comprehensive name and subject index.

A book in which you may find ancestry information, it is possible you might have ancestry going back to the early 1600s'.

A book in which you may find ancestry information, it is possible you might have ancestry going back to the early 1600s'.

The book has 388 pages and costs $25.00.

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