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Nara Publications 2

Nara Publications 2, include books, brochures and leaflets that allow us to do genealogy research and family history research. Some items are free and others must be purchased. This page will highlight a few of the ones for purchase.

"Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives, Third Edition". This guide shows you how to tap the rich resources in the National Archives, explaining what types of records are preserved in the archives and what specific information about individuals is included in each type of record.

While you are doing your ancestry researching you will come across census records, military service and pension files and land records and more contained in the National Archives.

Highlights of this new edition: New information on the 1920 census; Increased coverage of naturalization; Citations to more than 300 new microfilm publications; a comprehensive, greatly expanded index and much more.

This guide has 420 pages, 59 illustrations. Published by National archives and Records Administraton, 2001.

Hardcover cost is $39.00 and Softcover is $25.00.

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Genealogy Guide.

Our last book(s)for Nara Publications 2 are guides to the Civil War. The first one is "The Union": A Guide to Federal Archives
Relating to the Civil War", by Kenneth W. Munden and Henry Putney Beers.

This guide gives you the opportunity to study the vast collection of US Government documents in the National Archives. In addition to the records of the conduct of the war, the book describes records relating to the war that were created after Lee's surrender.

There are 733 pages, Published by National Archives and Records Administration 1962, 1986 reprinted 2005. Softcover cost is $25.00.

The other guide is: "The Confederacy: A Guide to the Archives of the Government of the Confederate States of America", by Henry Putney Beers.

Those who simply desire a handy, reliable authority on the myriad operations of the Confederate government will also want this book. This companion volume to "The Union" is a guide to official archives of the government of the Confederate States of America. The bulk of the book describes materials held by NARA,
and Confederate records maintained at the Library of Congress and 29 other institutions and more.

Contains 546 pages, published by National Archives and Records Administration, 1968, 1986, reprinted 2005. Softcover the cost $25.00.

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