New Orleans 

Our stories tonight come from the City of New Orleans. The various guests want to know about a house they lived in. In the process they learn much more.

Lila Luster Stipe

Lila Luster Stipe would like to know more about the house she once lived in as a child. Her 3rd great- grandmother was the first member of the family to live in this house. During the process we learn that her 3rd gr-grandmother Adele was married to Jean Baptiste Eugene. Mr. Eugene served in the Civil War.

Jean Baptiste Eugene served in the color troops and became a drayman (driver of a flat bed vehicle).
Mr. Eugene died and left Adele to raise 6 children.  Adele filed for a 'Widow's Pension.'

Watch the video to see how she was able to live in the house, also other facts.

Graham Mc Dougall

Mr. Mc Dougall was told that his great-grandfather left the family to go to:  Klondike, Alaska.
His great-grandfather was: Charles J. Montaldo.

Mr. Montaldo's wife Estelle died in 1864 leaving 3 children for him to raise.  He married Bridgett and was running the "Gaiety Theater" in New Orleans.

Five months after the 1880 Census was taken, Charles Montaldo was located in Sacramento, California. He was
operating the "Opera Theater" in Sacramento.

In 1882 Charles was in Alberque, New Mexico running another theater along with illegal gambling.

Watch the Video below, did he make it to Alaska.

Lee Ann Miller learns she has European, West African, East African and Jewish ancestry.

Patricia Wynell Parrish

Ms. Parrish wants to know about the murder of her great uncle Neal Sessions age 25 years.
Who murdered him, who found the body. Why was he murdered.

We learn that Neal Sessions was attending a wedding party as was half the town. It was stated the Mr. Sessions was flashing a hundred dollar bill all evening.  James Sullivan found the body.

A suspect was Henry Ran Walk.  Watch the video for many more discovered facts.

Domenic and Katie Giardina

Domenic and Katie were friends before marriage. In the dating process they learned that both of their families came from the island of Ustica, Italy. They would like to know if the families
knew each other on the island.

Watch the video to learn more about the Giardinas'. Learn about Lorie Lynn Germillion and her
ancestry in Austria. 

 Also check out the above ground cemeteries in New Orleans.

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