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In newspapers online we will attempt to give information on free newspapers as well as pay publications.  Our first database is Library of Congress. I tried entering a couple local publications and no luck.

Asked a friend if she could give me the names and dates of a few of her relatives and the name of the  local papers.

Again no luck. They have "Ask the Librarian". I explained how I searched and also turning my search around. The reply said I did the search correct the first time. The librarian informed me they did not have these papers.  For each publication they send me a link to the Indiana State Archives.

Letting me know I could find what I wanted at the state archives.  Never fear there is always help around the corner.

The Library of Congress website gives you access to many collections: American History; Arts & Culture; Science,
Technology & Business. Also there are videos to watch. Since I did not get to a point to make a request, I do not
know if there is a charge for copies.

Our next database is Guides at Penn Libraries. The landing page lists all the publications by states. The State of Indiana has listed: Fort Wayne Daily Democrat; Fort wayne Journal etc; from 1845-1970.

Crawfordsville Star from 1872-1898, town has a population of 16,000.00 and located 50 miles Northwest of Indianapolis, the state capital.

Evansville Argus from 1938-1943. Evansville Local History Database from 1850-2012.

Sate of Alabama: Memphis Appeal--1857 to 1876. Jacksonville Republican--1837 to 1895.

From the landing page you can click on "Home" and check out other information you can find on the website. When searching, I found a button stating "bookbag". There is a Fee.


California Newspaper Collection is our next database. A little information about this database of newspapers.
The collection contains 61,351 issues comprising 544,474 pages and 6,327,491 articles.

I moved around the website. You can browse by title or date.  Since I had no names of papers, I first browsed by title. From the list of titles I chose Imperial Press newspaper. I was able to enlarge thescreen and to move it around. Also zoomed in to make the reading easier. Also printed part of the larger printing. 

On the landing page the story of who they are and the institutions associated with California Degital Newspaper Collection. On the landing page you will find the following note:  Though access to the CDNC is free, maintaining and improving it is not. Please consider supporting the CDNC,  Should you find this a valuable
resource, consider donating.

South Georgia Historic Newspapers is our next database. To search and view newspapers you must add a  free plug in. Since I am not doing research in State of Georgia I did not add the plug in, but I still  found helpful information.

The South Georgia Historic Newspapers Archive spans the years 1845-1922 and includes these titles: Albany Herald, 1892-1893, 1900-1901, 1906; Albany Patriot 1845-1866; Bainbridge Democrat, 1872-1909 and many more.

The South Georgia Historic Newspaper database is a project of the Digital Library of Georgia as part of Georgia HomePlace. South Georgia is a part of the Digital Library of Georgia and part of Library of Congress.

Do a Yahoo or Google Search and you will find 2 or more results. One is the Home Page and another takes
you to the Digital Library of Georgia. It does not matter which one you click on, you will have to add
the plug in.

We are giving the disabled the opportunity to do their family history from there homes. There will be more Newspapers Online pages to come.

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