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Quaker Cemeteries For Ancestry Search

Quaker Cemeteries, another good source for family searching. We know that William Penn was a pacifist quaker and the State of Pennsylvania was named for Mr. Penn. We tend to associate this group of people with Pennsylvania but there are groups in other states as New York, Delaware, Ohio, Virginia and South Carolina.

William Penn was among the first to come to the colonies in the 17th Century. They to have their own cemeteries. Check with each state mentioned above for locating cemeteries. Also look for churches in the area you are interested in.

The quaker community or church elders will known where the burial records are located, if you find no staff around the cemetery. These cemeteries tend to be small in size maybe 5 or 10 acres of land.

Also check with the local library to see if any one has researched the cemetery and created an index book of graves and tombstones.

You can check with the county board of health or the state bureau of vital records, to find your ancestors. A death certificate should give the name of the cemetery and possibly an address of the cemetery.

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