Research Top Three

Research top three to find your ancestors and much more. Our first website is, here you will find so many different opportunities to learn new things and to research your genealogy.

First Website:

At you will find in the search category the public member trees to go through to find your ancestors. There is also immigration and travel (includes people going back to their homeland to visit family). You have the card catalog to look through. Don't forget the census and voters' lists.

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Click on the Collaborate Button and the Learning Center Buttons, there is so much more like the webinars, member directories, connect with members.

When you click on the below link, it will give you the monthly payment plan, and other payment plans. Take advantage of which ever one suits you.

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New Databases: 
1. Illinois Public Land Records from 1800 thru 1990.
2. Connecticut Divorce Index.
3. Summit County, Ohio Marriage Records from 1840 thru 1980.
4. Oise, France Marriages from 1600-1907.
5. UK Outward Passenger Lists from 1890-1960.

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Second Website:

Our next website is (Canada) again this website has so much to offer you. Here you can start a new family tree or just upload a Gedcom file that you may all ready have created.

In search you have school records, directories, church histories and their card catologue. Do not forget their birth, marriage and death records as well as their census records and voters' lists. A reminder Canada like England takes their census in the 01 year: 1801, 1811, 1901, 1921 etc.

Click on Collaborate Button you have member connect activity, message boards and Ancestry World Archives Project.

In their Learning Center, you have the ability to download the Canadian Census Forms for Free.

Search Billions of Names at

Databases for Searching:
1. Edmonton, Alberta Canada Index to Cemeteries from 1890 thru 1987.
2. Nova Scotia, Canada Land Petitions from 1765 thru 1800.
3. Search Ireland birth, marriage & death records from 1845 thru 1958.

Third Website:

Our third website is Fold3 not only do they have the military records from the American Revolution thru The Viet Nam War, There are Memorial Pages, you can search, create a memorial page or look at the popular memorial pages. USS Arizona Memorial Records.

Their non military records are: Black History; Native American Records; U.S. Census for 1860 & 1930. Homestead Records and Naturalization Records.

Check out the "Spotlight" the featured one and look in the archive for any you may have missed. I love this history feature, you will too.

Click on the link below and it will take you to Fold3 Home Page.

[Enter Link Text]Fold3

Come back to our page: Research Top Three for more notices about additional databases as they are added.

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