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Rob Lowe, actor of screen and televison is our guest for this episode of "Who Do You Think You Are". Mr. Lowe is interested in learning about his ancestors on his maternal side.
His mother passed away some years ago and he knows little about her family.

Rob goes to visit his brother Chad and together they go through a scrapbook that belonged to their mother. They come across a picture of Oran Hepler and Bessie May East, their
gr-grandparents. Also a newspaper article on an East Family Reunion in 1909, mentioning the descendants of one Christopher East, born in 1754.

Rob goes to Washington D.C. to the library of the D.A.R. (National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution). From an application for membership Mr. Lowe learns his
5th gr-grandfather was a soldier in the American Revolutiom. He is sent to learn about The Library of Congress, where millions of records are housed, including those of our War of Independence.

At The Library of Congress he learns about the battle at Trenton, New Jersey. He is referred to "The Old Baracks Museum", which was built in 1758. Here Rob learns more about the battle of
Trenton and George Washington's retreat across the Delaware. He is also informed that John Christopher East was taken as prisoner.

Mr. Lowe goes to Newton, Pennsylvania to the "Old Presbyterian Church", where the prisoners spent there first night. At this time Rob learns he must go to Marburg, Germany to learn more about John Christopher's life and about the Hessian Soldiers.

In Marburg, Germany Rob learns about John Christopher East birth and his parents: Johannes Oeste and Eleanor (Lora) Noll. He learns a possible reason for John Christopher East going into the German Army (Hessians) and what his life was and would have been like, had he stayed in Germany.

Watch the video and learn why was John Christopher East was taken as a prisoner. Also learn about the assault reginments and the Hessian Soldiers. Watch for the different spellings: Stophel Oeste (Oste). Christopher Oeste (Oste). John Christopher Oste. Listen to the history being told and what you knew and may have forgotten in your busy lives.

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The following are the professional people who assisted Rob Lowe in his quest:

1. D. Joshua Taylor, genealogist.<br>
2. R. Scott Stephenson, Historian and Director of Collections at
The Museum of The American Revolution.<br>
3. Daniel Krebs, History of the Revolutionary War, at
University of Louisville.<br>
4. Dr. Holger Graf, Hessian Soldiers Historian, at University of
Marburg, Germany.

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