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The titles of some of the records are different from the United States. Check out the following

1. Statutory Registers: Births, Marriages and Deaths.

2. Old Parish Registers: Births and Baptisms; Banns and Marriages; Deaths and Burials.

3. Catholic Church Registers: Births and Baptisms; Banns and Marriages; Deaths and Burials.

3A Other events: communicats and converts; confessions (not actual confession, but a
record of a person going to confession before Holy Communion). This record will list
the indidivual's name, parish and date.

3B Confirmations

3C Seat Rents: parishoner pays a fee for a reserved pew. These records can confirm residence
in a parish and where parishoner sat in the chapel. There are more events to be looked at.

4. Census Records: 1841, 1851, 1861, etc. NOTE: That the Scottish Census was always taken in the
number one year.

5. Valuation Rolls: 1915.

6. Free Search Results: Wills and Testaments; Coat of Arms. If you find one on your ancestor there
is a fee to view the actual document.

A merger between "National Archives of Scotland" (NAS) and the "General Register Office for Scotland"
(GROS) to form the National Records of Scotland (NRS) in April 2011, the time was right to reflect
the fact that the records are from the same organisation, by standardising the payment process.

The change should make it easier and more straightforward for using these records.

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The following information is from ScotlandsPeople May, 2014newsletter.

31,000 Soldiers' Wills are added to the ScotlandsPeople website.

26,000 of these wills were made by ordinary Scottish soldiers who died in the Great War, (WWI), and there are almost 5,000 from Scots soldiers serving in all theatres during the Second World War-there are also several hundred from the Boer War and Korean War, and others from conflicts between 1857 and 1964.

About the Soldiers' Wills.

The soldiers' wills were usually found in pay books retrieved on the battlefield, recordsed on forms in Army record offices in Briatain, or in the absence of a will, in letters home in which soldiers might mention their last wishes.

What can I learn from these records?

You can find out the battalion, regiment, rank and service number of the soldier, as well as the name of the person who is the beneficiary of the will.  You can also find out the date when the will was made and date of death of the soldier.

How do I search the records?

There are various ways in which you can search these records. The most common way of searching will be by surname, first name and date of death. However, if you are vague on some of the details, you can always filter your search with the person's service number, rank, battalion, regiment, theatre and cause of death.

The wills are free to search.

To view one Soldiers' Willis 10 credits (2.44GBP), or a 2.509GBP separate transaction.
Typically, a Soldiers' Will document contains four images, including the envelope, but some records do contain more.

New Update:  The following information is now available on ScotlandsPeople website: Statutory Indexes for 2012.  Also Scottish Shops in the 18th Century--Shop Tax Rolls (1785-1789).

Update:  The 1895 Valuations Rolls are now live on ScotlandsPeople  website.



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