St Louis 

Tonight we visit St Louis, Missouri. The program is being filmed in their beautiful St Louis Central Library. We hear about San Besile Italy, Blackbeard the Pirate and Laura Ingalls Wilder. There are a few mysteries to be solved.

 Em Piro

Em Piro wants to learn if the romantic legend is true.  Em's great-grandmother Carmina Isabella Rizzo came to the United States by herself.  Carmina I. Rizzo lived in San Besile Italy.  She had to use various means of transport to get to Naples, Italy where she boarded a ship to come to America.

She was met at the station by Mr. Eugene Piro. Mr. Piro delivered Carmina to her brother Guiseppe's house.
Guiseppe told his sister that another gentleman paid for her passage and she was suppose to marry this man. 

Watch the video for all the facts. This is fast moving program.

Nicole Overcash

Nicole wants to know about any connection with Edward Teach (better known as Black Beard the Pirate).

Mr. Teach was legally a Privateer during the Queen Anne's War. After the war he decided to change his employment from Privateer to Pirating.

Nicole is not related to Blackbeard. Her Moore line was investigated.

Another woman wanted to know if she was related to Royalty. A Priest wanted to learn if he was related to the Russian "Ivan The Terrible.'

Watch the video to find out the results. Also listen to some of the history of the City of St Louis.

 Amy Jo Ferguson.

Amy Ferguson and her daughter Caroline would like to know if they are related to author Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Caroline is reading the childrens' books titled " Little House on the Prairie.

Charles Ingalls was Laura's father. They lived in Illinois and Iowa before moving to South Dakota. Charles was the best known homesteader.

James L. Ingalls followed the trail of Charles Ingalls and ended up in South Dakota.

Watch the video for all the facts.

 Young James Taylor

Young James Taylor would like to know most of his genealogy.
His Maternal line the people that were mentioned were Charles Cato & Jesse Cato.
Mrs. Taylor had never heard about these people in her life.

Paternal line James Taylor Senior was told about James Whaley and Simon Leopold.
Mr. Taylor was told that his biological father was still living. Mr. Taylor had never met him.

Genealogy Roadshow a DNA Test and young James learned is mostly African of which Nigeria and Mali Empire are two of the regions.

Watch the video for more information.

 Gail Lukasik

Ms Lukasik is from Libertyville, Illinois who is a mystery writer.  She would like to solve a personal mystery. Gail did some of her own genealogy and when she received her mother's birth certificate she was very surprised. 

Gail questioned her mother Alvera R. Fredric. Her mother requested Gail to keep the secret until after her death.

Genealogy Roadshow did further research. Gail learned a lot a more.

St. Louis has the beautiful Golden Arches and has been know as
the Transport hub.

Watch the video for a few surprises.


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