St Louis Two            

 Lynette & Lisa Clark

St Louis Two will give you a variety of people seeking family history. First we hear about the "Donner Party". Who is Bishop Saint Remi? Which family has a long line of Sicilian fishermen.

The Clark sisters want to know if they are related to a member of the "Donner Party".
The was a group of people who headed West towards Oregon in 1846. There were 94 people that started on this trek.  The were only 48 survivors.

Watch the video to the story of the "Donner Party". Did Lynette & Lisa learn if they were related to a member of the party.
St Louis Two brought the story of the"Donner Party" back to
my memory.

Ronald Ramey

Mr. Ramey would like to know if he is related to Raymond Eugene Waters, a black man.
Ronald learned that the name 'Ramey' is of French origin. Unfortunately Ronald was not related to Raymond Eugene Waters. Learn why, interesting.

Mr. Ramey's line was taken back in time. Ronald learned that William Remy, his 7th great grandfather was born in 1672 and of noble birth.  Two other relatives back in time were George Remy and Didier Remy. Ron had a further surprise. His lineage was
taken back to one Bishop Saint Remi, born in 437 A.D. died 533 A.D.

I say WOW.  One of my lines goes back to the late 1500s' and I thought that  was terrific.

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Tracy Bono

Tracy (Busalachhi) Bono and her father want to know if the copy of a royal crest is really their crest. Mateo Busalachhi was the first of  his family to come to America.

Lorenzo Busalacchi is Tracy's 5th great grandfather, born 1740-1775. Lorenzo was a mariner (Sicilian fisherman). Further back is Giacomi Busalacchi born 1700-1720. He too was a mariner.

Watch to see if the royal crest belonged to their family. Also enjoy the story and the pictures the genealogist took on her trip to Italy.

St Louis Two has variety of unusual stories.


 Evelynn Johnson

Ms Johnson and family would like to know if their Daddy Buggs Roberts was their great grandfather. Mr. Roberts was born in 1915 in Alabama. He loved  jazz music. The genealogists found that Mr. Roberts used two different first names: Leroy Buggs in 1951.  His birth records reads Lavell Roberts born 1915.

Daddy Buggs Roberts was a well known St Louis Jazz Legend. He performed with several different bands and orchestras. He wrote music etc.

Yes he was Evelynn's great grandfather.  Watch to see what help tie Evelyn and Daddy Buggs Roberts.  Also listen to one of the songs Mr. Roberts wrote.
The genealogist played the song on her tablet.

 Timothy Dasenbrock

Mr. Dasenbrock and his mother have lost information on his maternal line.
We learn about his mother's family the 'Konkle line". Phillip and Margaret Konkle were the first to arrive in the U.S.

Phillip and Margaret had two sons: Philip and Edward. Philip the father served  in the Civil War for the Union side. We learn that Philip committed suicide after the war.

Edward Konkle is Mrs. Dasenbrock's grandfather. Edward and his wife had a daughter named Barbara. Barbara was Timothy's grandmother.

Watch to learn more about Barbara and her two marriages.

Julia Bryar

Julia's mother was adopted and she wants to learn about her biological line.
We learn that Marian Louise Marsalko is Julia biological grandmother. Marian married Warren Bowers.  We learn that Julius (Julian) Marsalko was Julia's great grandfather and the first of his line to come to America.

He became a naturalize citizen. Watch to see the connection to
Angel Guardian Orphanage and other facts.

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