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"Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness"

There is a volunteer genealogy website titled: Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness. I connected withone of the volunteers and she explained a little bit about this site. I have not tried it yet, but tryingto get in touch with a couple friends to see if we can break down one of their brick walls.

RAOGK is a global volunteer organization, with 4000 volunteers. There are volunteers in every state of theUnited States and many international locations. They have been on the world wide web since 1999.

Volunteers agreed to do one free genealogy research task once per month in their local area. They can notask you to pay for their time, but their expenses such as fees for use of microfilm/fiche, copies, printingfees, postage and parking fees. Also since the price for gasoline is high they can charge 50c a mile.

They can check courthouse records or take tombstone pictures and everything in between. DO NOT ask themto do your complete research for you, for this hire a professional and pay their fees. You can ask themto check for 1 or 2 items on 1 or 2 ancestors at any one time.

Do not ask this person to do more than 1 task for you in any one month. Should the volunteer offer todo another search for you then okay to accept the offer.

DO NOT ask a volunteer to research for you, if you live within 50 miles of the area. Some volunteers live further away but arewilling to do the task for you, please do not take advantage of any volunteer.


I understand that RAOGK is still off line and that the administrator Bridget Schneider passed away November, 2011. May Bridget Schneider rest in peace. Her husband Doc Schneider states on the Facebook page that RAOGKwill be back on line soon. He was one of the originators the this valuable website.

Additional Note:

I am regaining my strength and in a couple months I will learn if I am clear of cancer. I had chemotherapy and radiation treatments which ended Feb. 9th. Please keep me in your prayers.

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