Ancestry Charts for Your Ancestor Search

Ancestry charts, include family group sheet and pedigree chart, also known ancestral chart. There are also
forms to keep track of your ancestry and genealogy research. The charts and forms I will show you were free genealogy
charts downloaded from the internet. I tell you this in case you would like to download and save them to your
computer for your personal use.

The charts and forms you will see I downloaded from

They do have name on each form. The forms that I like out of the 5 are: Research Calendar and Research
Extract the only reason is because they read top to bottom. The other three are good but you have to turn the page
to read each one because they read side to side.

Another website I checked was At this site I like Ruth Ann's forms.
Some of the others I looked at I did not care for. So check these websites and get an idea how you want to present
your work.

The ancestral chart also known as pedigree chart is the one I prefer and use. It is the simpliest of the many different charts that I have looked at.

I am sorry that the charts and forms came out so big.
You do see what I mean about the direction in which you have to
read each form.

Hopefully this will help you make your choices. There are other websites that have some of these forms. Do a form search and see the results you receive.

Keep traveling along the genealogy pathway.

New Information:

I did another Yahoo Search and I went back to www.genealogy and found 3 more forms for you to check out and see if you like these forms.The following forms have a home website on the bottom of each form. You can go to:

You can find downloadable forms from

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