Welcome to findmypastIE. You can now search 1.8 billion world records and discover your past. Yes you will have all 1.8 billion records at your fingertips. You will enjoy solving your family mysteries.

Trace your Irish roots. Let's get started right now.

Four Databases of findmypastie

The following are a few of findmypastie databases.  The headings are phrased slightly different than the United States.


1.  Census, land and substitutes.

2.  Churches and religion.

3.  Directories and social history.

4.  Education and Work.

Lets look at the home page:  Hall of Heroes, today the story is on Dr. Dorothy Stopford Price
born: September 8, 1890 died January 30, 1954.  Dr. Price tirelessly researched and campaigned to eradicate childhood tuberculosis in Ireland.  Do you have an ancestor who became an Irish hero?

Three more databases:

Lets return the databases:

5.  Immigration and travel.

6.  Institutions and organizations.

7.  Life events (birth, marriage, death)

From the home page:  Find your World War I ancestor.  World War I was one of history's most catastrophic conflicts.  The first global war was and affected the vast majority of families across Europe. 

Are you tracing an ancestors who served in this Great War, Findmypast is the best place to start your search.

Two more databases:

8.  Military Service and conflict.

9.  Newspapers

Now you can search millions of records from home, providing immediate access to your family history
from all corners of the globe.  Here are a few tips to help your research:

Start searching using a name and gradually add in any additional information in order to refine your results.  You can easily narrow your results.

findmypastie can also search for name variants. In some cases original documents could contain
alternate spellings or were difficult to read when being transcribed (this happens quite often).
Using the name variants option will improve your chances for better results.

Start your family history with 5 days FREE ACCESS to Census and BMD records.  Date: Starts 10 am April 27th--May 1, 11:59 pm.

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How to search multiple years.

Dates and ages within records can be misleading as they might have been approximated or were
not accurately recorded.  Search a Few Years before and after a date to ensure you cover  all the possibilities.

Don't know the date?  A record might only include an individual's age so you may have to calculate a birth date.

Try attaching a date to an event in history. 

For example, if your grandfather served during WWI, you could estimate he was likely to be born between 1880-1900 as most soldiers were between the ages of 18-30.

Other possible estimates are:  Marriage Years:  25-30 years after birth. Births of Children every 2-3 years.

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